This is a collection of some applications based on EOPTIS products and technologies, either developed or suggested. Each sheet describes the guidelines of our catalogue products or custom applications originated by a specific customer request. In some cases, given the strong innovation nature or due to the presence of non-disclosure agreements, some key features have been withheld from the text, in order to protect the customer.

Read out of many code formats and analysis of print quality with EOPTIS' hardware-software system. Non-stop in-line control that increase products quality.

In-line identification of test-tubes based on cap color and printed barcode, interaction with the automatic sorting system.

EOPTIS' system that read the spool code and check the conformity with the yarn color; in-line identification of defectiveness.

Analysis of dimensions and color for gasket identification, automatical sorting and defect identification.

Automation of the quality check analysis of instruments LCD display; in-line integration of EOPTIS'.

Check blister filling using 3D analysis and drop defective products.

Hyperspectral vision system for impurity identification in cosmetics powders for in-line inspection.

Quality check in packaging print, both for color and codes redeability; in-line integration of the system to automate defectiveness drop.

Vision system to increase the repeatibility and efficiency of analysis and diagnosis of capillarity vessels diseases.

Reproduction of the main color with a texture created using colors from a known database.

3D vision system for boxes' localization on a conveyor belt; integration with pick&place systems.

Vision system with an hi-dynamic camera for remote control of the welding process.

Hi-quality recording of public trasport in any light conditions to create an accidents database.

Integration in dentists' armchairs of a miniaturized vision system for dental inspection.